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Your M.V.P.


When a dealership says this is the best we can do you should bring your vehicle financing to AHCU!

Traditional Financing   Drive4Less  GPS Program
Sometimes events happen in life that damage your credit and make it challenging to qualify for traditional vehicle financing or the Drive4Less program. How do you get out of that hole if you don’t have reliable transportation to get to work? Instead of turning you away, AHCU now offers the GPS program, which keeps you on the road to work and helps rebuild your credit at the same time.
  • Vehicle titled in borrower’s name – giving borrower options of ownership
  • Finance new and used vehicles up to 5 years old
  • No down payment required and no prepayment penalties
  • Loan payments up to 40% lower than traditional financing
  • Members can use Drive4Less to get more car for their money
  • As the owner of the vehicle your end of term options include:
    • Refinance remaining balance and keep the vehicle
    • Sell vehicle privately
    • Pay the remaining balance in full and keep the vehicle
    • Trade vehicle in to a dealer
    • Return the vehicle and walk away
    • Return the vehicle and acquire different vehicle through Drive4Less program
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