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The simple way to manage your money everyday.

  EveryDay EveryDay Advantage
  • $5 Share Savings
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  • $100 Minimum Opening Balance
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  • No Minimum Balance
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  • e-Statements (plus one of the following each month)
    • $500 ACH Deposit
    • 10 Debit Card Transactions
    • $5,000 Combined Loan Balance
    • $25,000 Combined Share Balance
Features and Benefits    
  • AHCUdigital Access
    • 24/7 account access
    • Ability to check balances, make transfers, and submit loan payments
    • Set up automatic transfers, alerts, and reminders
    • Secure emails with AHCU representatives
    • Print copies of statements or paid drafts
    • Customize titles of accounts
    • Transfer funds from one account to a different member number
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  • Phone Branch Access
    • 24/7 account access
    • Ability to check balances, make transfers, and submit loan payments
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  • Debit Card
    • Unlimited use of check card transactions (up to the daily limit)
    • No fee for debit transactions
    • Effective January 1, 2014
      All AHCU ATMs – FREE unlimited use
      Non-AHCU ATMs – Five FREE transactions per month. $1.00 per transaction over five.
    • Option to personalize your PIN
    • 24/7 access to report lost or stolen cards
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  • Bill Payment
    • Secure, quick, and convenient way to pay all your bills from one website
    • $5/mo fee waived if used once per month and get up to 15 bills per month for free ($0.95/bill after the first 15 bills)
    • Payment guarantee
    • Pays any fees for late payments due to a check getting lost or destroyed in the mail
    • Option of enrolling in E-bill (not available with all billers)
    • Optional automatic payments
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  • Check Writing
    • Unlimited check writing
    • No fee per check
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  • Online Check Ordering
    • Easy check ordering through Harland Clarke available
    • In-branch check ordering also available
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  • Courtesy Pay
    • Helps avoid additional fees charged by merchants for returned checks must qualify after checking is open for 90 days*
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  • Overdraft Protection
    • Automatic overdraft protection from Membership Share Account (low fee of $1 per transfer)
    • Optional overdraft protection options from other share accounts
    • Rapid Advance Line of Credit overdraft protection available*
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  • ACH Transactions
    • Direct deposit from your employer to your accounts
    • Direct payments to authorize merchants from your checking account
    • Automatic Transfers
    • From savings to checking*
    • From checking to savings
    • From checking to loans
    • From line of credit to checking (Rapid Advance LOC)*
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  • LSS Financial Counseling
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  • Coin Counting
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  • 7 Day Grace Period on Loan Payments
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  • EFT Transfer Fee
  • Money Orders
  • Cashier's Checks
  • Phone Transfer Fee
  • Monthly Paper Statement


  • Monthly Account Maintenance
$2.95 FREE

* Qualifications Apply.






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