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AHCUdigital Mobile App Quick Reference Guide

Before You Begin:

  • AHCUdigital Mobile App is available for iPhone and Android devices and tablets
  • Windows phone users currently will need to use their mobile browser - Please call or visit any branch location if you need assistance setting up your Windows Phone mobile browser
  • Password reset is available on your mobile App or at AHCUdigital

Getting Started

  • Open the App Store or Google Play on your iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Search the store for AHCU
  • Select the AHCUdigital Mobile App
  • Download and Install the AHCU Mobile Branch App
  • Launch the AHCUdigital Mobile App on your device
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Enter your AHCUdigital Username
  • Answer the Security Question
  • Enter your AHCUdigital Security Code
  • Press Log In


The new system requirements for accessing AHCUdigital effective February 25th are as follows:

  • Mobile Device Operating Systems
    • Android Devices will need to be running an Android version 5 or newer.
    • Apple iOS devices will need to be running a device using a Safari version 6 or newer.
    • Windows Phones using Internet Explorer Mobile will need a device using a version 11 or newer.

Add the below content to the following page:

  • Desktop Operating Systems
    • Windows
      • Microsoft Windows 7 with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11
      • Microsoft Windows 8
      • Microsoft Windows 10 
    • Apple
      • OS X or above using Safari Version 9 or above
  • Please note Internet browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will also work as long as the above Desktop Operating Systems are being used.


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